The Brand New Saddles with A Look & Sound of Vintage!!
There is an age-old dilemma plaguing all vintage guitar lovers. What if my vintage saddles break and I need to replace them? "Will my tone change? Will I be able to keep that vintage look?" The problem with today's replacement saddles is that they are made of different materials. Many use copper under nickel plating and have inconsistent hardness. Different materials, platings and inconsistent hardness all result in altered tone to your beloved vintage guitar.

Note: We have 2 different version as follows.
RVS-112 (11.2mm / 0.441 inch Pitch "Fender USA" type)
RVS-108 (10.8mm / 0.425 inch Pitch "Gotoh Japan" type)
MSRP: $75/set
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Vintage players rejoice! Introducing RAW VINTAGE Pure Steel Saddles. We've analyzed, down to the molecular level, real 50's vintage steel saddles and have come up with a special formula reproducing the exact metal structure. We've utilized the same manufacturing technique, nickel plating directly onto the steel body, to provide you with consistent vintage tone!
And for all those relic owners, everything about your guitar screams vintage; vintage radius, vintage type pickups and aged body and neck. Shouldn't your saddles be vintage too?

Pure Steel Saddle & Springs leaflet 2012 PDF (4.3MB)
User comments
Roy Bowen / RS Guitarworks
I received your saddles and springs yesterday and tried them right away. My first thought was they looked very nice, but I was shocked to find that the saddles were almost twice as heavy as the Gotoh vintage saddles and when put on the guitar they made the bass sound more solid. The Gotoh just sounded fizzy next to them. I really did not expect to hear such a difference and at first I thought it was just me, but two other guys in the room came over and asked what I had changed of the guitar because it sounded louder and fuller. I'm sold, so please send me the current price list for the saddles and the springs. As of the next run we will be using them as standard equipment on all our Old Friend Contour series guitars.
RS Guitarworks
Philip Sayce
I really dig The Raw Vintage Saddles. You have nailed it! I put them on my vintage 1962 Stratocaster several months ago (in order to save the originals while out on the road). The Raw Vintage Saddles have every bit of the vintage warmth, depth, sustain, clarity and vibe as the originals. Congratulations & thank-you...I'm going to be putting these on all my Stratocasters.
Masa Shimizu
Raw Vintage saddles and tremolo springs made my guitars much more resonant, took out the metal harshness and added deepness with extra air to the sound. Notes got better balances through out the entire fretboard, include open position.
Restored the original tone On my '63 Fender (Raw Vintage replaced generic parts which I put after the original had worn out), and added extra Phatness!
Gave my newer custom Stratocaster a broken-in feel and sound, closer to vintage.
This is one of the best upgrade I ever done to my guitars. Check them out!
Masa Shimizu my space
Todd at Corner Music
We could not believe what a difference these saddles made. It sounded like we changed the pickups! The tone was richer, and the top end was clear as a bell.
Corner Music
James Tyler at Tyler Guitars
I really wanted high quality vintage saddles, which do not change my guitar tone. This is it. I put these saddles (RVS-108) on my Signature Guitars.